SDK game demo synchronization still appears choppy


I know some recent improvements have been made to the game demo in order to smooth the display of player movement by using simulation. This is an improvement. I’m assuming the implementation in this demo is likened to what some game engines would call interpolation.

However, I can’t help but notice that there are still some irregularities that I wouldn’t expect to see if this were an actual game. For instance, if you run the game demo as is, with 4 players, you’ll notice that from time to time the target just jumps to a new location and it doesn’t appear that anyone as actually reached the target.

In addition, quite frequently we’ll see the players’ positions moving and suddenly jump to a position sometime several units away. I’m assuming some of this has to do with updating the state based on consensus, in addition to the interpolation algorithm.

You’ll also notice this behavior if you take control of one of the players and just hold the up or down arrow key to let the player move vertically. As other players reach the target, you’ll notice significant jumping with the player you’re controlling. And it’s also normal at other times for your player’s movement to be ‘behind’ on your window and ahead on the other windows.

Lag or inconsistency is a frequent complaint in online gaming. I’m sure it would be exciting for me and others if there was confidence that we could get quality synchronized display and guaranteed fairness together!

So my question is this: Do we think this is an interpolation issue that can be resolved with tweaks in the demo’s code? Or is this more due to some constraints of the platform and/or hashgraph algorithm?